29 Apr

In order to verify the use of camera automation control, I set up a camera on a quadrotor. I will use this as testbed to understand and test some algorithm and data on it. Right now, I can use this camera to proceed Wifi remote control:

29 Apr

The main process of manufacturing a custom Mylar balloon: The post-processing of manufacturing a custom Mylar balloon:

29 Apr

We are now able to demonstrate that the performances of EM-based SLAM algorithms are comparable to that of optimization-based. However, it is not easy to observe that same thing in the real-world dataset. simulation result The first challenge is whether to use IMU data or to only use the output...

28 Apr

Those slides are presenting the evolution of input estimation based on Kalman Filter. I picked up 14 papers as the representatives of those evolution. Next week I would implement the 2d Multi-model and test to see how effective the new MM algorithm perform better than the native one.

26 Apr

LOGICS Project Pehuen and I have been working on building robotic cars & boats from RoCo design system and evaluate their performance in WeBots simulation system. 1. We want to build robots in WeBots directly. Here are some robots that have been built: (1.1) A four-wheeled car Design code:...

21 Apr

Recently, I created a Linux VM system that pre-installed all the software for running a ROS. For beginners, this ROS ready-to-go system will be super easy to use. To use this virtual machine, you need to install VMware first. Go the link1 link2 to download vmware if you don't have one. Th...

19 Apr

Part 1: Correcting Y Direction Deflection Y direction deflection correction Following last week's blog post, I modified our design tool. The new results show a better match for y-direction deflection. Here are some of the results: 1. FCFC, clamped on longer edges, forces on shorter edges...

15 Apr

Scaling multi-agent solutions is difficult due to the exponentional growth in state space. To this end we are implementing a local field of view for each agent. Each agents local goal will be determined by running A* over the entire space and finding the last position in the field of view. This fo...

13 Apr

1. Here is the intermedium results: plane stress of a CFFF rectangle plate, with uniaxial load The magnitude is the same, results are close (at least visually). Stress u direction displacement v direction displacement (results do not match well, but this is not the direction of interes...

12 Apr

We tested two FPV cameras on a flying blimp. The Search camera looks aweseome: