25 Feb

The crazyflie test setup is shown in the figure: Fly test on crazyflie: I found some bugs on this design and I'm trying to fix that right now.

23 Feb

This week, I sucessfully used Ansys fluent software to get the CFD analysis of specified saucer-shape balloon as shown in the following figures.

19 Feb

It took me quite amount of time to finish calculating the drag coefficient of this example(plane) in analysis fluent. Drag coefficient calculation: Fluid relative velocity plot:

18 Feb

There are two things I would like to demonstrate: We can rapidly complete iterative design, for a device that failed initially. We can predict failure ahead of time. There are more things I would like to show: - A. Our design tool can be used on different materials Isotropic ma...

18 Feb

The below figure shows a ground truth body trajectory (gt, black) and ground truth landmarks (lmk, blue). The goal is to run a SLAM simulation using NLS optimization as the backend and vision as the front end. A dead reckoning signal (dr, red) is generated using an IMU (with noise) and feature point...

15 Feb

The crazyflie system is primarily designed to be used as a quadcopter but can be modified to be usable as a blimp. This requires both a change in the propellor configuration (hardware) as well as a change in the firmware. The process of modifying the firmware is described in the following tutorial...

12 Feb

We succeeded in getting the GMU board to drive a motor and to control a servo. However, when it came to testing its Wi-Fi capabilities, we ran into a problem. After turning on the onboard ESP32's Wi-Fi, an error message was displayed as below After some research, we determined that the error w...

11 Feb

The below figures show the ground truth (gt, black), a noisy dead reckoning signal (dr, red), and an NLS optimization using the noisy dr as a seed, and IMU data to constrain relative motion. The above figure shows all trajectories, and landmarks (lmk, navy) and feature points (plmk, green). ...

11 Feb

Next task: The urgent tests need to be carried out is to find the real pose estimation result only by landmark points without uncertainty evaluate the influence of uncertainty to find the pose estimation effect based on probability map of features After that we can then to test the EM alg...

10 Feb

Yifei optimized algorithm as well as code this week and test it on our collected data, Under complicated environment with reflection and disturbance from other objects, the major part of green balls were found with contours as well as centers.