25 Jun

Dash I worked with the team of undergrads to develop this initial list of requirements for the dashboard. It's based on the kinds of experiments we plan to run and what kinds of data will be relevant. Of course, this is a preliminary list only, but I've specified that we will use modular design so...

09 Sep

I've integrated all the components and tested the manual control. The necessary components for manual control are: Control board: NodeMCU Motor driver: tb6612fln Motor + 55mm propeller 1000 mAh 3.7v Li-po battery This hardware configuration allows the blimp to perform these operations...

01 Sep

During the blimp WIFI manual control experiment, I noticed some interesting phenomena. Even the following experiments are just some failure examples, I still can learn something from it. Failure experiment 1: The reason the balloon hit the wall was because human operational mistakes. When you...

24 Aug

I tested the wireless control of the motors. As long as the raspberry pi zero w is under the same wifi network as of my computer, we can wirelessly control the motors. Your browser does not support the video tag. The gondola is also a simple version using pla to print. The weight of it is 8g.

17 Aug

Finished the experiment of using bluetooth and wifi to remotely control two motors. Bluetooth + cellphone app: Wifi + cellphone app:

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