During the blimp WIFI manual control experiment, I noticed some interesting phenomena. Even the following experiments are just some failure examples, I still can learn something from it.

Failure experiment 1:

The reason the balloon hit the wall was because human operational mistakes. When you're manually controling your blimp and when it face to you, the human perceptual system will produces perceptual illusions sometimes, which will lead to human misoperation. For example, wrong left and right.

Failure experiment 2:

The inertia of the balloon can cause a steering error. Even the same propullsion force was applied after the turning, due to the inertia of the balloon, the balloon still turned to the left side.

Failure experiment 3:

Even the blimp reach the nutral bouyance, the environment change and other movement will drag the balloon up or down. Therefore, each blimp at least need one actuator to control its altitude. Moreover, since the altitude of the blimp will be easily effected, we need to find a way to make our blimp automatically maintain their altitude.

Failure experiment 4:

The distance of the two motors to the center should be same, otherwise, it's hard to control blimp and stay in a straight line.

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