I have been working on taking power consumption measurements of the arduino nano control board, as well as the motors and wireless receivers. Unfortunately, Amazon had some problems with delivery and I was unable to receive the current reading board and the motor driver this week. I was planning on doing those measurements earlier, but they should now be arriving sometime this week instead.

Because I was unable to read the current, I am still using a multimeter for these measurements. As noted in my previous post, these readings are far too volatile and difficult to use as research material. However, hopefully this will help with our general intution for power consumption of the system.

Once I get the other boards, I'm hoping to be able to get more accurate and consistent readings on power consumption.

For running the motor in conjunction with the arduino nano and a 4000 mAh LiPo battery, here are the results:

~80-110 mA current draw

~2.84 V

In addition, I have also connected the Arduino Nano to the Aideepen HC05 Bluetooth Module. Currently, it sends data on whether an LED is in the on or off state. I hope to use this in future tests regarding robustness and range of the bluetooth module with Parth. Additionally, once the current reading board comes in, I hope to deteremine the power consumption of a control board + wireless + motor system.

Below is an example of some bluetooth readings I received

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