21 Oct

I have spent the past weeks assembling a blimp on which to test a feedback control system to aid in controlling the blimp as well as building said control system. The picture below shows the experimental setup. So far, the blimp is assembled and controlled based on IMU motion. The video below...

07 Oct

This past week I have developed a framework for motor feedback control using IMU (orientation) data. I first wrote scalable motor control software for interfacing with the tb6612. A quick test operation can be seen below. Motor Test: Your browser does not support the video tag. I then integr...

29 Sep

I did a test of different motor configuration than before. In this motor configuration, each of the three motors will control 1 DoF.

17 Sep

I have been working on testing power consumption. Below are the results for the brushless and brushed dc motors we currently have. This means that with a 1000 mAh battery, we can run one of these motors for about seven hours. This result is quite good, but I need to extend the test for longer an...

26 Aug

Recently, I have been working on testing the power consumption of motors. For this part of the experiment, I tested the HobbyPower 8520 Motors while paired with AAA batteries. This is working towards the future goal of understanding the maximum, minimum, and average flight times of given blimp syste...

24 Aug

I tested the wireless control of the motors. As long as the raspberry pi zero w is under the same wifi network as of my computer, we can wirelessly control the motors. Your browser does not support the video tag. The gondola is also a simple version using pla to print. The weight of it is 8g.

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