I have been working on testing power consumption. Below are the results for the brushless and brushed dc motors we currently have.

This means that with a 1000 mAh battery, we can run one of these motors for about seven hours. This result is quite good, but I need to extend the test for longer and longer time periods in order to make sure that it will stay that way. Also, I will be adding different load torques to the motors to see how that affects current draw. These tests were done with no load on the motor.

Below are the videos for the brushed and brushless motor tests.



Later this week, I will be including the bluetooth and wifi modules if possible, and also trying to test the control board's power consumption.

In terms of other tests, I will be trying to rebuild Nick's version of our integrated blimp so that we can achieve our goal of a ball through a hoop as quickly as possible

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