06 Nov

We manually turn the green_ball_capture condition into True and tried to let blimp get into the hoop: The successful attempt with manual True condition:

02 Nov

The first line are the individual tests for a single esp32 cam connecting to the router. The second line is two esp32-cam connecting to the router and running at the same time:

27 Oct

The PID control on horizontal direction was not good (Failed test): The PID control on vertical direction was not good (Failed test): After we fine-tuned the PID control, it worked great (successful test):

26 Oct

During the experiment, we would like to do a extrem test on the ESP32 CAM since this is the most important camera that we will use on the blimp. Then we observed the folllowing situations: Corrupted images transferring back after some run time and recording: After first, I thought it was...

26 Oct

After we finished the full minimum autonomous control logics last week, we think it is necessary to add some new functions in order to tune the control in the field flying test: (1) Keyboard interruption to stop all motors (2) Keyboard interaction to change the control variables (PID control) (...

23 Oct

Full integrated high level logic flying test: What to do next: Flying test in a bigger space (like: Eng IV) Have keyboard interruption in the python function To tweak PID value while running the program To stop the balloon from being crazy The meter version April tag detection is stil...

20 Oct

I've conducted the esp32 cam detection green ball integrated test and here is the video: What do we improve from before: The ML algorithm works much better than the color detection in the lab environment Some problem that I've found: ESP32 cam problem Balloon problem