04 Apr

After we implement the new NICLA VISION camera, the performance of this hardware is pretty robust. Even with our untuned worst PID controller, it can still hover in front of the green ball for 3:30 min.

26 Mar

Unit test: Send single data from NV camera to PC via WIFI(500ms) Send gb detection data via wifi (50ms):

26 Mar

Using new Nicla Vision camera to do onboard detection:

11 Mar

The top one is the original detection data and the bottom one is after we implement the KF algorithm. The blue circle is the predicted location and the red one is the original location. This is the simple version of green ball color threshold detection: I add the region filter and it preform...

09 Mar

The first flying test is to test the move_to_ball function: The logic of move_to_goal function now is correct and PID is kind of ok so we move forward to the next part. Before, we notice that it was easy to lose the track of the green ball and even after we fine-tune the PID controller. So...

22 Feb

The blimp can hover when it's close to the goal if we set PID value to be small: The blimp will easily lose track of the goal when it approaches from a further distance because our PID value is small: A screen recording shows how it lost track of the goal: How to improve next: ...

18 Feb

The goal detection vertical flying test: The goal detection horizontal flying test: The goal detection hovering flying test: Next step: Need to make a separate PID module for different situations/areas. Function will take in the PID for x,y, and input Improving the horizontal...

09 Feb

In this video, we use color threshold algorithm to detect the goal and output the center of the goal from terminal (Though it was not showing in the following video).

09 Feb

One video snapshot from our flying test after we debug it: After first, it performed pretty bad since the color we previous took was from conference room. But after we tweak parameters, it was better in the lab environment.

04 Feb

I tested the color threshold algorithm on the live video from ESP32-cam: This is the demo with low resolution: This is the demo with high resolution: