30 Nov

Last week, I explained why typical distributed gradient descent leads to inexact solution, even though the convergence rate is linear (in log scale). There is a very important paper that shows that we can in fact have exact solution by incorporating the previous gradient. This algorithm is called...

09 Nov

proposal writing Focus Implementing a generalized control and planning output for arbitrary folded robots designs generated by a computational design framework Approach I am looking at papers that are focusing on generating the kinematic and dynamic model of robots with modular components (...

06 Nov

We manually turn the green_ball_capture condition into True and tried to let blimp get into the hoop: The successful attempt with manual True condition:

02 Nov

The first line are the individual tests for a single esp32 cam connecting to the router. The second line is two esp32-cam connecting to the router and running at the same time:

30 Oct

This is our 3rd field test for the current system setup. Resolved problem since 2nd field test: the equipment move-in and move-out process speeds up a lot (down to