07 Dec

Tasks to finish before 16/12/2021 These tasks mostly to get to speed on the roco pipeline and begin work on adding new modules Build and fix existing cars to produce .wbo output in the Device branch. Making the API compatible to work with it. Build some new WMR models Figure out why one pytest...

30 Nov

Last week, I explained why typical distributed gradient descent leads to inexact solution, even though the convergence rate is linear (in log scale). There is a very important paper that shows that we can in fact have exact solution by incorporating the previous gradient. This algorithm is called...

09 Nov

proposal writing Focus Implementing a generalized control and planning output for arbitrary folded robots designs generated by a computational design framework Approach I am looking at papers that are focusing on generating the kinematic and dynamic model of robots with modular components (...

06 Nov

We manually turn the green_ball_capture condition into True and tried to let blimp get into the hoop: The successful attempt with manual True condition:

02 Nov

The first line are the individual tests for a single esp32 cam connecting to the router. The second line is two esp32-cam connecting to the router and running at the same time: