31 Mar

We tried one of our designs on the fish balloon. Tested vertical and horizonal control under Opti-track system:

29 Mar

As mentioned in the last blog post, there are two steps in solving buckling problems The first step is to calculate plane stress in the system. This step converts external load (in-plane load) into stress distribution in the plate, so as to be used later in the second step (buclking analysis) T...

25 Mar

We've tested the different thrust using Crazyflie blimp setup. The 80% thrust and 100% thrust: It is noticed that 100% thrust will generate more swing motion on the spherical balloon which doesn't have the stable mechanism (fin for example)

25 Mar

New red 4-side balloon: Manufacturing process: (1) Setup (2) Draw a shape of balloon (3) Heating and cutting

25 Mar

Gripper open state: Gripper closed state: The demo of ball capture mechanism: After the experiment, we found that it needs to imporve: (1) The gripper is too heavy for the servo motor to pull. (2) The servo motor is too weak, need to change to a more powerful motor.

20 Mar

Recall that our previous conceptial design: They are either too heavy or too unstable to put on a balloon so we discarded those designs. After several iterations of design and 3D printing, we got closed to our final design: To make sure all the assembly is correct, we built a integrated...

17 Mar

Here is the design toolbox that I am currently implementing: Currently, I am implementing potential energy in plane stress analysis. The direct outcome will be the in-plane displacement and stress distribution. As soon as I get those results, I will compare them by: (1) using simple cases such a...

17 Mar

Last week, I tried different ways of manufacturing balloon. And it turned out the soldering iron way is the best way for one person to do that in the lab. Last Friday, I successfully manufactured one in the lab, as shown in the following figures. And the following figure is what happened afte...

15 Mar

After setting up the crazyflie as a blimp and performing various tests, one primary issue was noticed when attempting to control the blimp. This issue was in the yaw control; I noticed that for large yaw inputs, the blimp would not turn left or right. Instead, the left and right motors would alterna...