Here is the design toolbox that I am currently implementing:

Currently, I am implementing potential energy in plane stress analysis. The direct outcome will be the in-plane displacement and stress distribution. As soon as I get those results, I will compare them by: (1) using simple cases such as rectangle plate and checking if the results make sense visually; (2) compare with FEA. I will present these results in my next blog post.

Demo idea

1. Amazon moving box (for clothes)

Instruction/photo from website (an empty box):

Failure from customer review:

Why using this:

  • Anisotropic material.

  • Complex boundary conditions / complex loading.

Our goal:

  • Demonstrate our design tool is necessary. Show using existing analytical solutions and numerical solutions can not correctly predicte the failure, but our design tool can.

  • Demonstrate our design tool can correctly and rapidly evaluate this design and potential improvements.

Purchase link here.

2. Some kind of robot (brainstorming)

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