Boards sent out a while ago have finally come back, and they are working! Above is the charlieplexed LED matrix board with a basic firmware load that draws a smiley face on the LED matrix. It also allows the user to select a different image (just a frowning face for now, but it needs a duck) through WiFi, since the ESP32 is a WiFi chip. So hooray, another example using array ports, and the first end-to-end example using multipack devices.

Another notable feature of this board is that as a single-component-side board, all the components were pick-and-placed and soldered by the board house, so no additional manual soldering was needed. And since the part number selection is fully automatic, this allows fast and inexpensive boards with significantly less design pain!

If you're particularly eagle-eyed, you may notice a piece of wire on R3/R1. That was an error in the definition of the ESP32 application circuit, it needed to be a pullup instead of the pulldown I somehow inexplicably actually wrote. But it's fixed now, and this hack does work.

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