So far, the Mechanical Logic team has completed their first paper and submitted it to ISER2018 (2018 International Symposium on Experimental Robotics). Thanks for the hard work of Dr. Mehta, Angela and Blaire. The team is able to induce current oscillation through the combination of Bistability Mechanism and Conductive Actuator. Moreover, a origami-inspired manufacturing method is proposed to convert the conceptual design into a functional device. Under a constant-current (0.55A) power source, the mechanical logic was able to generate current oscillation with an average period of around 3.8s. Right now, the team is working hard to outline the future plan and figure out what is the next milestone for them to achieve. The possible goals are systematic modeling for the mechanical logic and applications on robotics. Stay tuned! Here is the link of the video of our paper. Hope you like it.

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