Wenzhong Yan

PhD Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2022

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Email: wzyan24 [at] ucla [dot] edu

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His current research interest includes Origami and Soft Robotics, Physical Intelligence, Rapid Prototyping, and Computational Fabrication.

Research proposal:

Fall 2020



  1. Wenzhong Yan, Dawei Zhao, and Ankur Mehta. "Fabrication-aware design for furniture with planar pieces." Robotica, 2022. (Link), (Preprint)

  2. Wenzhong Yan and Ankur Mehta. "A cut-and-fold self-sustained compliant oscillator for autonomous actuation of origami-inspired robots." Soft Robotics (2021). (Link) (Preprint)

  3. Wenzhong Yan and Ankur Mehta. "Towards One-Dollar Robots: An Integrated Design and Fabrication Strategy for Electromechanical Systems." Robotica, (2021). (Link)

  4. Wenzhong Yan, Yunchen Yu, and Ankur Mehta. "Analytical Modeling for Rapid Design of Bistable Buckled Beams." Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, Volume 9, Issue 4, July 2019, Pages 264-272. (Link)

  5. Jie Hong, Wenzhong Yan, Yanhong Ma, Dayi Zhang, and Xin Yang. "Experimental investigation on the vibration tuning of a shell with a shape memory alloy ring." Smart Materials and Structures 24, no. 10 (2015): 105007. (Link)

Conference proceedings:

  1. Wenzhong Yan, and Ankur Mehta. "A crawling robot driven by a folded self-sustained oscillator." IEEE 5th International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft) 2022, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. (Link) (Preprint)

  2. Chang Liu#, Wenzhong Yan#, and Ankur Mehta. "Computational Design and Fabrication of Corrugated Mechanisms from Behavioral Specifications." The International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2021, Xi'an. (Preprint)

  3. Wenzhong Yan#, Yunchen Yu#, and Ankur Mehta. "Rapid Design of Mechanical Logic Based on Quasi-Static Electromechanical Modeling." IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2019, Macau. (Link)

  4. Wenzhong Yan, Angela L. Gao, Yunchen Yu, and Ankur Mehta. "Towards Autonomous Printable Robotics: Design and Prototyping of the Mechanical Logic." International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER) 2018, Buenos Aires. (Link)

  5. Konstantin Shaposhnikov, Dayi Zhang, Wenzhong Yan, and Jie Hong. "Investigation on the Dynamic Characteristics of a Rotor Suffering Impact Foundation External Excitation." In: Cavalca K., Weber H. (eds) Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Rotor Dynamics – IFToMM. IFToMM 2018. Mechanisms and Machine Science, vol 61. Springer, Cham, 2019. (Link)

  6. Wenzhong Yan, Konstantin Shaposhnikov, Pingchao Yu, Yanhong Ma, and Jie Hong. "Experimental investigation and numerical analysis on influence of foundation excitation on the dynamics of the rotor system." In ASME Turbo Expo 2015: Turbine Technical Conference and Exposition, pp. V07AT30A008-V07AT30A008. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2015. (Link)

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  1. Gregory P. Carman, Abdon E. Sepulveda, Jinzhao Hu, Elmer Wu, Zhi Yao, Joseph Devin Schneider, Wenzhong Yan, Sidhant Tiwari. "Extremely Electrically Small Antenna Based on Multiferroic Materials". WO2020101773A3. (Link)

Note: # contribute equally to the paper.


  1. Harry M. Showman Prize, UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, 2022.
  2. Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) Scholarship, 2022
  3. Outstanding Student Research Demo, ARSO 2022 Link
  4. Best Presentation Award, ICRA2022 workshop Link
  5. Chinese National Scholarship, 2015
  6. Beihanng University Graduate Student Scholarship, 2014

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