For past week, I spend most of time on fixing the contact issue for mechanical logic. After lots of failure, I found the solution: conductive grease. By painting the conductive grease right on the interface between SCP actuator terminal and contact tab, a reliable current bridge was built up to assure the conductivity. Also, this grease could also function as coolant to prevent the bistable from overheating. The next chanllenge is to get mechanical logic fully function. Due to the asymmetricity of bistable beam, it is so challenging to make bistable beam oscilate back and forth. So, I will dive into bistable beam theory this week to find out the solution for this problem and run more test to achieve our goal. For Furniture project, we are able to add finger joint to our design. But it is hard to export the whole design for existing system. So, for past week, I worked hard with Christan to modify RoCo system. For now, the code kind of works. We are very close to our destination. We will continuously work for this goal for upcoming week!

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