For the past week, I was woking on the writing the introduction for the upcoming RSS conference. In this paper, we will introdce our work on the modeling of our mechanical logic. This model uses a quasi-static electromechanical scheme to simulate the dynamic behaviors of our mechanical logic, which makes it computational inexpensive. Also, I ran some simulations in Abaqus, a Finit Element Analysis tool, to provide the reference for our ROM model of the precompressed bistable beam we used for our mechanical logic. The results from the Abaqus showed good match with our predictions of the ROM model for our first test. The critical force and critical displacement from Abaqus are 0.1984N and 0.569mm. The values from our ROM method are 0.1865N and 0.74mm. The difference between the cirtical forces could be temporally explained as the inaccuracy due to the too large comculation step of Abaqus. We will rerun the simulation later to explore the reason.

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