With the goal of designing and creating my own elastic geodesic grids, I prepared some 3D surfaces in Rhino that I wish to approximate with a grid structure.

I first started with making a dome shape. It is simple and basic, but helped teach me how to make some other designs.


For example, I designed more of an abstract blanket type surfaces made from two lofted curves.


In an attempt to design a 3D boat hull that can be eventually fabricated into a 2D to 3D elastic geodesic grid, I made a simple design:

Rhino%20boat%20hull Rhino%20boat%20hull%20model

This design is more basic canoe shaped, but it can be easily turned in an elastic geodesic grid due to its easy shape.

Next week, I plan to have laser-cut and assembled these designs to have them in a physical collection of grids where I can test different construction materials.

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