STL file of the chair was imported into unity3D as seen in the scene. The chair could be transformed in three dimensions through three methods: dragging the spheres in the corner of the box model of the chair, moving sliders and inputting numbers. Translating, rotation and rescaling are also accomplished through different gestures. The UI interface and gesture detection were completed. See more in the video.

A new way of selecting the wanted item is to use the focus of the headset. There is a black cross in the center of the screen and will move along with the headset. When the focus stays on the same item for more than three seconds, the cross would turn golden, showing that the item has been selected and could be used for transformation. Detailed application of this method is to be considered. See more in the video.

Upcoming goals and deadlines:

  • Try to merge VR program with Phipson's AR program, to see if we can transform furnitures while still have vision of the real world.
  • Research on Unity Photon server for real-time remote coorperation between VR and AR.

Timeline of previous works before arriving to the campus:

  • Jul 29: Tried different methods like Vuforia, ARToolKit and 3D scanning for 3D reconstruction in HTC Vive, but all failed.
  • Jul 24: Demo of headset focus were ready.
  • Jul 22: UI interface were ready for use.
  • Jul 18: Nested chair model inside of a transparent cube; debugged UI interface.
  • Jul 17: Merged program of trandformation with translation, rotation and rescaling, imported STL file into unity.
  • Jul 15: Optimized the program for translation, rotation and rescaling; began to work on UI interface.
  • Jul 10: Optimized the program for transformation; translation, rotation and rescaling are accomplished on the cube.
  • Jul 03: Opened the camera on HTC Vive but the scene can only be projected on a canvas in one dimentsion, instead of three dimensions. 3D recontruction is needed.
  • Jun 29: Finished transformation on cube, by dragging handles on one of the six sides.
  • Jun 07: Researched on AR and VR hardware equipments.
  • Jun 02: Prepared for project proposal.

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