Qiong Hu

M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2021

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Email: june0sirius@gmail.com

Qiong (pronounce as "June") received her B.S. in Physics at Fudan University in 2019. She was a summer student in the lab in 2018, working with Phipson on FAVECAD, an interactive environment for generating fabricable furniture designs in both AR and VR, referring virtual designs to physical world. (FAVECAD is an acronym for Fabrication in Augmented and Virtual Environments for Computer-Aided Design.) Paper and supplementary video of the project have been submitted to CHI2019 on Sept. 21st, but was declined. The future work of the project could be to design VR-based fabricable robots, similar to Roboco but for real robots.

Her current research interest, besides virtual fabricable design (latest proposal), also includes computational graphics, computer vision, computer imaging, etc.

Old personal webpage (stop updating since Dec 2018): http://phylab.fudan.edu.cn/doku.php?id=home:students:qionghu

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