To observe how a designer (especially non-engineer) would express design intent using free-hand gesture through object manipulation

Manipulation types:

  • (general: ) overall scale, specific angle
  • partial scale
  • entangled angle
  • discrete property

Experiment instruction

  1. Look at a component/object, answer the question: “what are some manipulation you want to make” (without knowing about parameter)

    (The answer could be expressed in forms of vocal, written, painting, gesture, etc.)

  2. Look at a manipulation action on screen, what is the intuitive gesture to execute the modification to achieve the targeted design geometry

    (Use video to record designer's behavior and observe the common behavior.)


General manipulation

Overall scale

Specific angle

Component manipulation

Partial scale

Entangled angle

Discrete property

Object manipulation

Partial scale

Entangled angle

Discrete property

Next steps

  • The pseudo-user-study will be sent out in forms of slides and/or video within the group, and hopefully people can arrange a short period of time via video meeting to investigate gesture intuition
  • The observation result will be used to implement gesture commands for the system.

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