This week I also tested the power consumption while operating the blimp.

The test is run under the setup that:

2 motors are running the whole time in 80% PWM 500 mAh 3.7v lipo battery

The initial voltage of the 3.7v battery is 4.16v, which is fully charged. And I measure the voltage of the battery every 10 minutes because as the battery discharges, the output voltage will decrease. The lowest safe discharging voltage of a 3.7v lipo battery is around 3.4v.

The goal of this test is to test how long could the 500 mAh battery operate while driving 2 motors in 80% until it cannot generate enough voltage.

In the test, for the 500 mAh battery, it lasts 20 minutes to get to the safe discharging voltage.

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