The script that does auto routing by given a single drawing file with arbitrary shape has been completed besides some clean up work. Moving to Approach A (import to eletrical design software and use existing auto-router) from this week.
  • Finish up path-finding approach (Approach B)

  • Only draw the best path on dxf when solution is found for every route.

  • The terminal will print current episode and how well such solution is performing.

  • algorithm for multi-node path finding

 for (episode in E):
    set initial state s (choose first pair of nodes to connect randomly)
    find a path
    update map
    while not every connection is built:
      choose next connection
      find a path
      update map
      retrieve cost (length of path)
    update Q (as sum of all cost)  
  • Q here represents total cost of certain choice of path finding order.

  • Cost defined by length of path

  • If path cannot be found, cost 1000

  • Input: NX2X2 array specifies desired pin connections

  • Auto-routing learning process:

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