30 Oct

This is our 3rd field test for the current system setup. Resolved problem since 2nd field test: the equipment move-in and move-out process speeds up a lot (down to

22 Oct

Based on Wednesday Meeting, we decide to change our whole system design into a P2P Blimp-Laptop version, so that all controlling process happens on the ground i.e on the laptop. And blimp system is only for (1) get and send sensing data (2) receive laptop processed motor directives (3) control mot...

17 Oct

We are able to conduct green ball detection end-to-end pipeline using ESP 32 Cam The closed-loop communication figure: We are now able to transfer detected data (X,Y) position of the center of the green ball) to Esp32 feather board ESP 32 Camera (as an Access Point) broadcast video it saw ...

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