This is our 3rd field test for the current system setup.

Resolved problem since 2nd field test:

  1. the equipment move-in and move-out process speeds up a lot (down to <15mins for 2 persons)

    Things that we done right:

    • Compartmentalized and labeled everything. Separate used and unused batteries.
    • Made the goal and AT connected (ready-to-go status) in the lab
    • Let one person focus on one thing, DON'T let >1 person do one thing. It will only make the whole process slow.
    • Make the goal of the field test CLEAR before go to the field. This time we only focus on move2goal, and did not even think about move2ball
    • Pre-test all hardware before go to the field including motors, balloon buoyancy, etc

Move2Goal Test Results

  1. We found typo bugs (important) in our python move2goal code, and fixed it
  2. We conducted PID tuning for the system, and be able to improve the status as is shown in the video
    • (under certain condition) blimp is able to hit very closely around goal.
    • Problem to be address is not able to move into the goal hoop. Our guess is that our code has no problem, it's under the influence of AC right above the goal hoop.
  3. Other thing to notice: make sure the camera is leveled.

Problem needs to be resolved

  1. (Urgent) AC right above the goal hoop and AT. The edge we hang the hoop all has AC. So the air flow will make the blimp go elsewhere as it moves near to the hoop. We need to eliminate the influence of AC.
    • One proposed solution is to use a green bolloon to test the effect of the AC before every test, and find the place has the smallest influence to hang the hoop
  2. (Urgent) Blimp's manuver when close to goal (lost sight of AT). need to be tested. On site, we partially solve the problem by adding a if else condition of tz. But due to the aforementioned AC problem, it's not fully tested today.
  3. (Urgent) Viewing angle Make a room to have cam view angle of above the head. Replace OpenMV Cam to ESP32CAM for wider view AT detection.
  4. Stable everything in position on the trolly. Some of our stuff fall on the way of our transporting today.

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