20 Feb

Under Dr.Mehta's suggestion, I enhanced my approach to my optimization problem with the use of fmincon in Matlab. The completion of this task marks the start of our writing stage.

06 Feb

This week I redesigned an algorithm that calculates design parameters of the mechanical logic this week. Given that there are so many degrees of freedom, we need to find something to optimize and thus determine the best possible combination of parameters. One thing to optimize is the robustness--if...

30 Jan

This week I wrote codes that can help design the bistable beam-CSCP actuator system under certain contraints (e.g. oscillation frequency). The way my codes work reflects my flowchart last week.Since there are a lot of possible combinations of design parameters that may make the mechanical logic o...

23 Jan

I wrote an algorithm that can calculate the optimal design parameters of a bistable buckled beam under some given constraints. The calculated parameters are expected to not only satisfy the constraints, but also make designing easy.

29 Nov

At the same time I worked on modeling the critical force and critical displacement of the bistable beam, I also looked into the way these behavioral parameters affected the final output parameter of the system--the oscillation period of the mechanical logic. I integrated the models for the mechanica...

28 Nov

Due to the shortcomings of the ROM (it's really hard to translate into our fast, model-based design method for the mechanical logic), I have started to work with a new model that we used for the ISER paper (it turned out more than a piecewise linear model that came to the rescue at that time). This...

05 Nov

As I mentioned in the group meeting last Thursday, to better communicate what I have been doing with the modeling of one subsystem of the mechanical logic, I am writing up and summarizing my progress up until now. I included some pics from my writeup, but the full pdf will soon be on my personal pag...

26 Jul

Here is the cubic force-displacement curve obtained after I adjusted the parameters / coefficients based on the results from our experiment.

19 Jul

The graphs seem to suggest that the smaller the initial rise of the bistable beam, the longer the SCP actuator, and the more influence temperature change has on the force generated by the actuator, the easier for the bistable beam to snap through. The trends align with our expectations even though t...

12 Jul

Below are the graphs describing the relationships between time and the displacement of the midpoint of the bistable beam, assuming a quasi-static state of the beam. More explanations are needed, and we need to vary some of the parameters to see how they affect the shape of the graph.