During summer time, our goal is to try to achive a single motor&propeller helicopter on Crazyflie by removing three propellers and motors. Week one and two, we measured the thrust on a single motor of crazyflie by diving the total thrust of four motors by four. We found the thrust is not enough to lift the device. So we decided to explore methods to increase the thrust. Last week after meeting with Mehta, we finally finished our summer proposal, including a detailed schedule.

If you are interested in knowing more about our projet, feel free to email any of our members through our email adresses provided at the home page. For me specifically, last week I set up our Instagram account, and I started to read papers about increasing thrust by modifying the physical structure. I will keep doing research about ways to increase thrust and wait for Likai to choose the proper hardwares so that I can design experiments to measure them.

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