New tabbed RoCo Interface

Hi all, its been a while,

This past summer, I did an internship at Symantec, where I worked on creating a Linux testing framework for a malware detection application. My framework ran performance tests on the program and analyzed the data to extract information about the evolution of performance over consecutive builds.

At the end of the last academic year, we had gutted the original RoCo interface and had started a new combined application, which users could use to create both mechanical and code/electrical components. We decided to accomplish this by creating a system of tabs. On adding a tab, the user can choose what to work on, a mechanical design, a base component, or a composite component. This system allows the user to work on multiple parts of the robot simultaneously. However, transitioning the original interface to the tabbed system was not as simple as we originally thought. Since all the variables in Javascript are global, just creating a new instance of the same interface resulted in changes to one interface being reflected in other tabs. To get around this, we decided to encapsulate all the data corresponding to each individual tab to an object, and creating a new tab object whenever a tab is added.

This year, I'm looking towards transistioning from RoCo to working on a new project. I plan on doing a lot of Literature Review over the coming days to find topics I can contribute to. In the meantime, I will be creating documentation that will help those who take over working on RoCo in the future to understand the codebase, and get started quickly on the development. I will also be testing the interface for bugs and documenting them, so its immediately clear to the new group where to start working.

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