During Weeks 1 and 2 of SURP 2021, I indulged myself in studying RoCo’s backend. The backend is equipped with a collection of varying cars, boats, and other 3D objects as well as functions that are used to build these. My task for this summer is to create new designs to be included in the library — 4-wheeled tank and a car with a steering functionality — and incorporate IMU, lidar, and visual sensors to these cars (or, hopefully, to most or some of the vehicles that are currently implemented in RoCo).

To start with this goal, I created a starting 3D tank design using Metasequoia 4 which can be seen below. This is the model that I am planning on working on for the 4-wheeled tank drive (I am still not sure with the wheels).


Below is the unfolded version of the 3D tank. I separated each part of the tank in the unfolded version, and I will be using this as a guide when it comes to building the 4-wheeled tank using RoCo’s backend (I am still not sure with the wheels).


As of July 2, 2021, I finished coding some parts of the tank (top and base). I will be creating the sides and wheels of the tank and connecting these parts over the weekend in order to fit the basic hardwares (servos, boards, power supply), make proper adjustments to the design, and test the tank on SURP 21’s Week 3.


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