Some observations and tasks ahead

  • The roco model output .wbo at the moment is just the geometrical data, does not have any device information.
  • Tried using the Device and DiscreteComponent branch in yusuke's repo, it needs to be ironed out before it can be used (could work on debugging that also)
  • Finally using the roco2sim branch + Jill's car builder files . The API needs to be modified before using them together, as there are some new functions being used for transforms.
  • The imported .wbo file still needs manual modification in the scene tree after being imported into webots, for the controller to work, and import the methods of the Robot class properly. That should also be generated in the .wbo output (it is not currently)
  • Generalizing the controller generation itself, how to model that, is something I am trying to figure out where to start from, once I have the controllers for the sample cars in the library running

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