For SURP 2021’s Week 5, I created a car in roco and equipped with a steering system. Last week, I made one that has a tank-drive system.

Tank-drive system: Controlled using a Webpage -- Forward, Backward, Left, and Right buttons

tankdrive0 tankdrive1 tankdrive2

Steering system: Controlled using Sudarshan Seshadri's Dash (React App) -- Joystick

steercar0 steercar1

Both have an OLED that indicates their movement. As of now the turns of the cars are not that accurate, and hopefully, this will be fixed when the IMU sensor (MPU6050) is incorporated into it. During this week, I also polished their designs which can be seen on my forked rocolib repo. The file names for the cars used above are FourWheelCar.yaml and CarForSteering.yaml.

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