This week, I finally prototyped a monostable beam and its testing frame. The monostable beam was cut out from PTFE plats by a laser cutter. The cutting by a laser cutter was pretty precise and the shape of the monostable beam was almost the same as its original design. After the cutting process of the monostable beam, it was attached to the testing frame. Then, the monostability of the monostable beam was tested by measuring the critical force that causes snap-through of the monostable beam. As a result, its monostability was observed, but the magnitude of the critical force was much smaller than my prediction. Besides, since the preshaped curve of the monostable beam was so small, the stroke of the deformation of the monostable beam was not large enough. From these results. I am going to fabricate more prototypes of monostable beams and test its property,

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