I was working on the following things this week:

  1. Proof sketch of new motion planner algorithms in terms of sub-optimality
  2. Finalize the paper, which was recently accepted for RA-L!
  3. Participated in ICRA conferences, where I could communicate the authors of other great papers. In particular, I was able to talk to the author whose paper might be very important to my new motion planning algorithm. I can investigate more based on his suggestion!

Furthermore, we're very excited to show our latest paper "Risk-Aware Motion Planning for a Limbed Robot with Stochastic Gripping Forces Using Nonlinear Programming" was accepted for IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters! I will present this work at IROS 2020 in Las Vegas!

I really appreciate kind and useful comments from my co-authors (Xuan Lin, Yusuke Tanaka, Dr. Ankur Mehta, Dr. Dennis Hong), editors, and reviewers.

Our new motion planner is able to generate various trajectories for multi-limbed robots under stochastic gripping forces with probabilistic guarantees.

Please take a look! It'd be appreciated if you give me any comments and feedback.

Keywords: Motion planning under uncertainty, legged robots, chance-constraints, Gaussian process, nonlinear programming, spine-grippers.

Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.02656

Video: https://youtu.be/ZDqvf1J4nS4

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