In this quarter, we finished this project aiming to provide a localization algorithm for multi robot system.

First of all, we proposed a new algorithm that separates communication as an independent mechanism. By doing so, the algorithm is more robust to communication imperfection. In addition, in terms of system design, one is able to evaluate the benefits and costs of the communication.

While the proposed algorithm heavily depends on the topology of the system, we further investigate the convergence criteria of the estimation uncertainty based on the topology. We have to distinguish the observation topology and the communication topology in order to delineate the system performance. These two topologies are fundamentally different, while they are sometimes treated identical in the literature.

To conclude this project, we develop a simulation environment for comparison among existing algorithms. We apply the simulation platform on UTIAS dataset, which is collected from real-world experimental result. The simulation result shows the superiority of the proposed algorithm. Also, the simulation platform is extensible to incorporate further localization schemes.

The whole work is summarized as a paper submitted for ISRR 2017. We are looking forward to sharing our progress in public.


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