Below is the diagram of current camera configuration separating camera network from Internet in order to prevent any interference. Data interference is more likely to happen if additional cameras were added and they were on the same network as internet. (camera data can take up large bandwidth) :

Once your calibration file is loaded (Calibration tutorial) you can check and optimize captured volume by your system:

  • In perspective view click on visual aids : and activate "capture volume" option: See the example below:
  • In case you are doing experiment in areas not fully covered by cameras you may lose some data points. You can also check the field of view of each camera, keep in mind in order to have accurate data from your rigid body you want it to be detected by at least two cameras at all time.
    To get the field of view simply right click on your camera in perspective view and then hit the "show field of view" option. See the example below:

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