As work on RoCo progresses it became clear that not all robots would necessarily have to be autonomous and that we would need to find a way to add user input in the design process. One of the previous versions of the paperbot had a html page loaded in the microcontroller, which would accessible from any web browser once connected to the microcontrollers wi-fi hotspot. By taking a look in the code of the paperbot it became clear that creating interface elements could be done in a modular fashion so I got to work in order to implement that in RoCo. By looking at the existing RoCo code, it was relatively easy to create a new target for the system, a web_target, that would allow the RoCo system to generate an html file containing the web composables of any component. This was tested by creating web button component that the user can customize to send a specific command to the microcontroller. For example, the figure below shows a web interface containing three buttons made using RoCo.

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