For the last two weeks I've been working on implementing Hoeken's linkage out of paper. Hoeken's linkage is a four bar mechanism that converts rotational motion to approximate straight line motion. The diagram is shown below:

The length of these arms follow a certain propotion shown in the diagram; when the arm centered at point A rotates, point M moves in a near straight line. We'd hope to use the linkage the other way around in MEMS project and use the straight line force by MEMS actuator to generate rotational motion.

There are several ways to implement Hoeken's linkage using paper; This design was originally drawn by Nathan, and I've digitalized the design and made some minor changes. Here are the design files; the .studio3 file can be imported in Silhouette Studio and cut using paper cutter.

A look at the CAD design: (blue line means cut, red line means score)

And the assembled linkage:

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