Paper milestone write up:

The link:

It's very welcome to have your comments and feedbacks.

Thoughts about validation:

Design parameters:

  • Figure out a easy way to measure the design parameters of the physical blimps, the parameters space that we figured out so far:
  • As for the control surface and control fin, so far we are not sure if we can apply the same method to measure its force. More research is needed. And we also need more knowledge about how control fins interact with the air.

Restoring force:

We previously have a prelab for that:

Propulsion force:

  • Naive testing base
  • Cantilever beam system
  • Hardware survey


  • More literature review is needed
  • CFD software like FLUENT to give us an estimate of the parameters that we need in our system.

End-to-end validation

  • we can build an integrated complete blimp and run some statistical tests.
  • Use an opti-track system to capture its overall performance.

Plan for next quarter

Week 0: (Dec. 14 - Jan. 3)


  • To have the ability to know what to do next in the paper
  • To know what to do in the next quarter
  • To decide how to balance paper and competition


  • A well-organized milestone
  • A clear plan for next quarter
  • A paper outline that indicates what should be expected in each part


  • Wrap up and finalize the course milestone:

    • Introduction: @Zhaoliang
    • System design parameters: @ Hongyi
    • Evaluation system design:
    • system overview: @ Zhaoliang
    • Drag force: @ Yifei
    • Restoring force: @ Zeyu
    • Kinematics and dynamics: @ Zhao Lei

    • Simulation: @Zhao Lei and Yifei
    • Conclusion: @ Zhaoliang
  • Finish the details of quarter project plan

  • List all the difficulties that we will face and need to be verified

  • More literature review is needed for some difficult part

  • Have new ubuntu 18 and new ROS installed on labtop and run other blimp simulator and see if we could modify their code

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