This week, I fixed some bugs in my previous code and wrote a new program to visualizethe live streaming data

I also conduct more experiments to verify my real_time streaming code:

Meanwhile, I've been working on the Opti-track system and try to get it to work for multiple rigid bodies. The reason we need this capability is that during our previous experiments, some markers on the blimp were gone at some position. Therefore, we need more than one marker to be visible.

My previous solution was to track multiple selected markers, however, it didn't work on my python code. So another compromised solution is that I place multiple rigid bodies on blimp to track its position and orientation. I made a really light-weight and small rigid body markers, which looks like this:

I figured out a way to get the position data of multiple rigid bodies, all the code has been uploaded to my github. The results is in the figure below:

However, as for this, there is still one bug, which is, the refreshing rate of two markers are different. But for the research purpose, I think it's good enough.

Next time:

If I have time, I will check on the official code from MOTIVE company, try to steam that data to MATLAB and see how it performs.

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