Overall, I am having quite a positive experience at LEMUR. The aspect of this lab that most prominently grabs my attention is how willing lab members are to help each other. The person outside of my team who has helped the most, directly and indirectly, with the project is Amir. At nearly every step of the project, he has offered his help and insight, as well as giving me lots of good advice tangentially related to the project. I've had similar experiences with other lab members at LEMUR, and I feel this makes for a positive and productive workspace. While we are all working on different projects, it really feels like we are all part of a larger team instead of people sharing physical lab space.

I know that I am also not the only member who appreciates this as well. I was able to sit down with Blaire recently to discuss some challenges with her project, and while I didn't contribute a whole lot of insight to her project Blaire expressed gratitude for my willingness to meet with her.

I don't know if this is a norm in research (I have heard stories that research can be quite cutthroat), but it has significantly positively affected my experience at LEMUR so far.

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