This past week, I have been working on setting up the camera hardware for the visual processing that I will be working on. I started by setting up the ESP32 Cam, which uses the Arduino IDE. There is an example for ESP camera boards that can be used to set up a video stream on a web server, which is how I recorded the first two videos below. I wanted to record these in order to ensure that the cameras were working properly. The first video is from the ESP32 Cam, while the second video comes from the ESP timer camera. They used essentially the same code, with a few minor changes, and thus have very similar layouts. I am only including pictures instead of videos because the video formatting was not embedding with the web page well.



The third video comes from the OpenMV Cam. This camera has its own IDE, the openMV IDE, and you can view the video feed directly within the IDE. This is where the video is recorded from, which is very convenient and much simpler to access when compared to the ESP cams.

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