It's been a (long) while since the last blog update on this project, and it's been a chaotic last few months where a lot has happened (and a lot is still happening!)

But the headline item is that I've been moving more towards a release of this project and gave a talk at Open Hardware Summit - see the embedded video below! (it's a pretty generalist introduction to the project - so if this is the first time you're reading about this project on better PCB design tools, it's a great starting point!)

And of course, there's (plush) ducks involved! Also consider checking out all the other amazing Open Hardware Summit talks!

In other news, as the blog post thumbnail hints at, the system is now avaiable as a Python pip package, and the setup tutorial has been updated to reflect this flow. Give it a try, and feel free to reach out (email, GitHub issue, RFC1149-compliant messenger pigeon duck) if things aren't working (or even if things do work! - would love to hear what people are up to).

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