So you want to 3D print some parts, and they need to look nice in addition to being functional. Here are some tips from Jesse.

  1. Try to make sure that the print has minimal overhangs. This can be done by breaking the large print into smaller pieces.
  2. Try using painter's tape on the heat bed of the 3D printer. Not only does the initial print layers stick better, the tape makes it easier for the prints to come off once they are done.
  3. If a nozzle is clogged, don't panic and start disassembling the 3D printer. Increase the temperature to 250 Celsius, tighten the filament spooler to the maximum and start moving the filament forward. If the filament gets stuck in this process, use your hands to give the filament an extra push. If this doesnt work, its time to disassemble the 3D printer and get a plier to remove the excess filament melted onto the nozzle. In most cases however, this will be unnecessary.
  4. If you want to print complicated parts with overhangs, please remember to use supports when generating the G-code for the STL files. I know someone last week who did not do that and ended up with an unusable print.
  5. Do not increase the temperature above 240 Celsius when printing. Although increasing temperature for printing will also allow you to print faster with similar results, going above 240 Celsius highly increases the chances of nozzle clogging and is not recommended.
  6. Keep in mind that different filaments have different ideal temperatures. Read the specifications on the filament spool and try printing small parts first to calibrate and figure out the best nozzle temperature for printing.
  7. Slower prints result in better quality at the cost of print time. On my Ultimaker 2, I noticed prints on the yellow filaments work best when the temperatures are around 215-225 Celsius at 20-30mm/s speeds.
  8. Use different levels of grit sandpaper to give the prints a polish; the idea is to start rough and go smooth with the sandpaper.
  9. Dont be shy; be a boss and show off your 3D prints to everyone!

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