As part of generating an interface that automatically generates traces for pins connections depending on the user's desire, this past week I focused on learning KiCAD. This open source helps you create a schematic that can then be turned into a PCB layout. I decided to get familiar on how to use it and learn more about creating my own components and then building a schematic of my own. I decided to create a layout for the P.I.A.N.O. OPS project which consists of a speaker that is controlled by 3 pushbuttons and a 555 timer (along with resistors, a potentiometer, a capacitor, and a battery). KiCAD's library does not have a 555 timer component so I was able to explore its capabilities and build one of my own. After I had created this component from looking at its datasheet, I was able to construct the schematic for the circuit. Here is the final result: Getting familiar with this platform was very useful for future use since my future research will heavily depend on making automated traces.

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