For SURP 2021’s Week 9, I worked on the pivoting car. It is a car that has a hinge in the middle. On its hinge is a SG90 servo that rotates the half of the car to a certain direction. Below is a photo of the pivoting car.


During this week, Jaehoon Song (LEMUR Arnhold) also managed to generate/display the differential and pivoting car in RoCo’s frontend, but the cars are still not in the real frontend (See Images below).

differentialcarroco pivotingcarroco

When built, the differential and pivoting cars are seen below.

differentialcar pivotingcar

The gifs below show the difference between the differential and pivoting cars. The first two gifs shows the cars driving in a smooth surface while the second gif shows the cars driving in a carpet. On the third gif, it can be seen that the differential car can drive straight on a carpet, but it cannot turn. This is the opposite of the pivoting car which can both drive straight and turn on a carpet.

differentialgif pivotinggif carpetcarsgif

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