For the past two weeks I was working on the zoom issue we have with the svg model. However, I was stumped with the codes of the web interface because the condition that already exists, does not work even though the codes appear to be correct. This is the condition: condition

This simple if statement is supposed to prevent the default action of scrolling when a user is interacting with the mouse wheel event.

I have tried "return false;" and I have tried putting in different conditions such as "if (somecondition)" or "if (pointerposition != viewbox)" This issue was more complicated that I initially thought as I couldn't figure out what the issue was. I will study up more and try different conditions that could detect when the pointerposition is within the viewbox.

For actual results, I was able to successfully load Jillian's tank model into the webapp. In our demo last week, I showed the thumbnail of the tank on the webapp, but failed to show the tank view. However, that is now fixed; there was a conflict within Kamil's directory (and my understanding with git and python as well). Now, hopefully in the next demo I will show that the models of the Tank will show up without flaws.

Here is the home page with the new tank model: website

This is the 3D tank model and the 2D svg file : views

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