Robot made of paper and supercoiled polymer actuators (SCP).

  • Get the robot to move somehow (walking, rolling, etc.).
  • Use a motor control or phone to control the robot.
  • Program the arms to move to positions 1,2,3 and be able to grab onto different objects (e.g. metal can, glass bottle, paper ball).
  • Read more articles & journals, searching for key words I want to focus on.
  • Delve more into taking weight into consideration & how heavy a load the paper robot can withstand.
  • Investigate ways of folding the paper & what shapes would give it the most strength, durability, & efficiency.
  • Technology for a robot or other such device to recognize trash, recyclebles, & compost does not yet exist, but we can build & design & research for that idea.

Research Question: We are designing and testing a printable robot mobilized by super-coiled polymer (SCP) actuators and investigating how it can be integrated into our lives.

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