For SURP 2021’s Week 6, I incorporated IMU and Lidar sensors to the car with a tank-drive system. Currently, the Lidar acts as an obstacle detection at the front of the car wherein it would stop when it detects an object less than 130mm. For the IMU, it only shows the yaw values in degrees using the Madgwick Filter and Adafruit’s AHRS Library. The code for the LIDAR and IMU can be seen on my GitLab repo.

imu lidar

The IMU and Lidar will be used for our integration demo on Monday, August 9, 2021. It will be used for the orientation of the car and for making the drive of the car autonomous. The Lidar will be used to detect the letters that will be pushed at a certain place to spell out the word “LEMUR” during the demo on monday.

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