For Week 5 of Winter 2022, our team worked on the following:

  1. A new ML green ball detection algorithm (See Zhaoliang’s blog)
  2. A modularized blimp code where everything is not fused into one .py file. This will be easier to use whenever there are changes to be made.
  3. An easy way of finding the color threshold based on the environment where the green balloon is (See video below)

NOTE: The video shows how to use the color threshold selector. Basically, there are six adjustable sliders that are adjusted until the three video feeds below properly shows the green ball.

  1. Using the new green ball detection algorithm to set the pwm values of the motors for auto control (See video below)

NOTE: In the video, the ESP-32 cam may sometimes detect other small green objects in the environment (see flashing small boxes in the middle-end of the video). These does not have any effect as the green ball detection only measures the coordinates and area of the largest object whose color matches the defined color threshold.

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