Foray Blimp Becoming Mobile

Big Picture In order to build the optimal blimp for competition, we are currently focusing on modeling the different parts of the blimp’s movement. Specifically, movement in the horizontal plane and altitude control. In terms of horizontal plane movement, we are seeking to determine the necessary motors, propellers and motor drivers for thrust. However, we must also take into account the supply voltage of our control unit.

Design Pipeline Eventually, this should help us with our design pipeline because we need an input output relationship between the user’s velocity and agility and the given thrust output from the motors. For altitude control, we are hoping to use a lidar sensor to determine distance from the ground. In addition, we will be looking into Adrik Shamlonian’s work with acquiring more data from lidar sensors:

Continuation For the motors, I have compiled the below list with thrust, and will be expanding it as necessary. Eventually, I hope to be able to write an equation for propeller thrust that we can use for our design pipeline.

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