I have been going through the RoCo codebase and have become familiar with the architecture. The main problem I faced was with adding new builder files from Jill's RoCo repo to the original RoCo that I had forked. Even after manually calling the builders and the generating the corresponding yaml files, there seemed to be an issue with generating the output for the 4-wheeled car. I decided to clone Jill's repo and generate the output from that, which worked fine. I understood how the chain of functions is getting the data from the YAML files while debugging, but couldn't get to the root of the issue. I have to figure out why it did not work. I used the generated output to print a few sample components. Printing a to-scale paperbot however is running into snags.

The next step is to define a concise problem statement that I can start work on, wrt adding some capabilities to RoCo design workflow, which I am currently working on.


(will add a small wiki to the lab infra links)


  • Blade mode 6 Force 33 for cardstock CUT
  • Blade mode 6 Force 5 for cardstock SCORE
  • Blade mode 0 Force 20 worked marginally for Vinyl sheets
  • Silhouette studio 4.4 DOES NOT import DXF files to scale. And changing import settings does not work. Download Silhouette Studio 4.3 instead and you can change the settings in that (UPDATE: That version does not support sending to the machine on Windows)
  • InkScape with Silhouette Studio extension is another option but it installing it is a pain on Windows (the given instructions may not work at all), Linux users might fare better.
  • Manually scaling is another option (Using
  • Laser cutter is generally an overkill for cutting paper and has needs to be leveled every time. For paper prototyping, Silhouette Cameo works perfectly well.

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